Prem Nagar Ashram

Tel: 01334-226345

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Contact Us

If you would like more information or are interested in visiting the Ashram, contact details are as follows:

Shri Prem Nagar Ashram
Jwalapur Road,
Hardwar-249407 (Uttarakhand)

Phone : 01334-226345, 227503, 229345

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, from the Himalayan district of Uttarakhand, was an enlightened master in the tradition of the divine masters such as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Shri Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and Shri Ramakrishna, who came into the world to free people from blind faith, ignorance, superstition and misery by means of the practical technique of Spiritual Knowledge which leads to the direct realization of the self.

Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj

The noble work of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj is being carried on by his eldest son, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, who was born in Kankhal (Haridwar) on Sept 21, 1951. His innate leadership and organising abilities, as well as his inherent spirituality, started manifesting themselves even in his childhood, so that, when the time came, he dedicated himself to his father's work with characteristic zeal and efficiency. Totally devoted to his own Master, and never veering from the high ideals and moral integrity of his teachings, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj demonstrated the path of service and sacrifice in his own life.